Date Change for PEEL Pemberton Roller #3

Hi all,

The Peel committee have discussed at length the dates of Roller #3 in Pemberton and we have decided it is the best decision to move the events date to October 18&19. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope that by giving adequate notice everyone is able to organise their weekend.

The reasons for the move are:
• Albany Urban Downhill on June 22 is the week before, this means a lot of travel in two weeks
• WAGE is forced to move their National Enduro Round at Kalamunda to June 29 –this conflicts with the Roller 3# in its previous date. We believe WA riders should all support and attend a National Event
• June/ July already has a large number of events and we can stretch the season a bit further this way which benefits all riders

Advantages for October 18&19:
• Weather is excellent this time of year, still cool and rain is unlikely in Pemberton
• No other events around that time so everyone can attend!
• June/ July is then less congested by removing one event

Some key information for the event at this stage:
• Accommodation and dinner for the Saturday night can be organised through Peel at registration
• Saturday night dinner will also be accompanied by club presentations
• Two days and two different locations!
• Most of the tracks raced will never have been raced on before

More information will be sent as we get closer to the date. Contact us if you have any queries or questions

Series Points State DH & Roller

Here are the points tables for the DH and #rollduro/#downduro series

If you spot a mistake please send me a PM on facebook and I will try to get it fixed up as soon as possible.


Tim Beck

2014 PDMBC State DH Points


Registrations Now Open for State DH #2

dh race picRegistration is now open for State Downhill #2 to be held at Golden Grove, Chittering.

Click on the picture for registration. Online registrations closes Thursday 1 May at 11pm, entry on race days costs an extra $20 so get on it!






2014 Roller Race 1 Results

2014 Roller Race 1 Event Ranking

2014 Roller Race 1 Run 1 Ranking

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Venue change for DH round 2

Due to the uncertainty of logging at Wellington Mills

I would like to announce that Round 2 of the DH state series venue has been changed from Wellington Mills to Golden Grove.

We will still be racing the 3rd and 4th of May

On behalf of the club I would like to apologise to any people that have pre-booked their accommodation down at Wellington Mills.




Paul de Klerk

2014 State Race 1 Results

2014 State Race 1 Qualifying

2014 State Race 1 Race Run

2014 State Race 1 Top 30

Race Series 2014

race series 2014 poster update jpeg

Click on the picture to see the full race series for 2014 as well as all our awesome supporters! Keep an eye out as some races are already open for registration!

See you out there!

Important news on Welli Mills

Important news on Welli Mills!

wellli mills tapedIn two weeks FPC will be undertaking thinning at Welli Mills, which means for the six weeks following machines will be working in the area and no mountain bikes are allowed to be in the area. Please keep out of the area from the 24th February until at least 21 April. We will advise as soon as you can go back in.

Once this occurs, there will be some work required to check the area is safe to re-enter and we will be will be working with the land managers to reconstruct and rehabilitate the existing tracks as well as some exciting new tracks at Welli Mills! It will be a busy few months but at the end we should have a venue thats better than ever!

We will notify you all of any trail work you can help with on busy bee days.

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A new class in racing at PEEL

A new class in racing at PEEL

The club had made the decision to introduce a new class to replace the old Hardtail class so at the AGM the committee voted in the new single crown class in the DH state series.

The class is designed so when we are at the harder tracks the trail bikes aren’t at a disadvantage to the DH bikes and when we are at an easier track the DH bikes aren’t at a disadvantage to the trail bikes.

The rules are very simple.

Irrelevant of your skill level, if you turn up to race on a single crown bike you will be race in this class.

The only classes that are exempted from this rule are  

-          U/13’s

-          U/15’s

-          U/17’s

These 3 classes are the only ones that will be able to run single crown bikes in their categories.



Paul de Klerk
Peel District Mountain Bike Club

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New club safety Policy





Well what a big day, I would like to thank everyone for their comments be it constructive or colourful; your suggestions have not fallen on deaf ears.

I will keep this very simple.

·         I have spoken to MTBA (Tony Scott) today. He has told me that what the club is trying to do is a great thing as it is enforcing what MTBA only make as a recommendation and we have their full support of MTBA on the direction we are going.

·         What the club is trying to do is for your own safety. I do think that in hind site that the club could have implemented it better but that is too late now.

·         The committee made this vote during the early part of the year, no it was not at the AGM.

·         Just because I posted it doesn’t mean I made the rules. I’m quite happy to take your colourful suggestions because if I didn’t, more than half our committee would have quit as a lot of the comments come from ungrateful riders that don’t help out and don’t have anything to do with running the events.

·         If you want to have more say in the club start helping out. Cleaning up after events, maintenance days etc. It called volunteer work. We’re not payed to do this.

At the state champs the below items will be part of the conditions of entry. If you do not have any of these items you will not be able to race (No gray area).
• Elbow guards (Any quality moto or MTB shop will carry these.) my suggestions are 661, POC, TLD, Fox, Alpinestars and the list goes on, these do come in hard or soft shell. No makeshift elbow guards will be accepted.  
• Long sleeve shirt, to the wrist
• Gloves
• Long pants or knee guards with shorts so your knees are covered.

These are club safety policies that the commissionaires are going to enforce. You have more than 2 months to get use to these safety changes. 

More information can be found on the Club Rules page



Paul de Klerk
Peel District Mountain Bike Club


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