Club series points update


Two rounds left to grab some points and beat your mate ;)


Results for Club Race 3 – Downhill at Golden Grove 27/07/2014

2014 Club Race 3 DH Run 1

2014 Club Race 3 DH Run 2


2014 State Downhill Points Update

2014 State DH points round 4


Club Downhill Golden Grove July 27 Rego is now open!

The perfect event for someone who is interested in seeing what downhill racing is all about, or someone who has been thinking about racing downhill but never quite made it! With low entry fees, a relaxed atmosphere and a track suitable for everyone from beginner to the elite racers we look forward to seeing you there! All information is at the link below. Please note this is a one day event only! Note this is a downhill race, not a roller, so there are different protective equipment requirements.

gg dh 2 rachel gaskin



Results for State Downhill Race 4 – Wellington Mills

2014 State Race Top 30 2014 State Race 4 Qualifying

2014 State Race 4 Finals

2014 State Race Top 30

Trail Maintenance Day

Trail Maintenance Day

PEEL would like to invite everyone to Wellington Mill to do a trail maintenance day. The top of the long track (Starts at the quarry at the top) needs a lot of repairs due to years of water erosion and racing. As dirt is isn’t the easiest to obtain at the top we will need wheel barrows to bring dirt in from others parts of the hill so we don’t just digs holes rights next to the track. The more riders the quicker we get this fixed and go riding.

Where: Wellington Mill carpark (Bottom carpark)

When: 29th June

Time: 9am

Tools: Wheel barrows, shovels, and firerakes and picks to break the dirt up.




Paul de Klerk
Peel District Mountain Bike Club

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Downhill points update

2014 PDMBC State DH Points

Points after Nannup



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Results State DH Race 3 – Nannup

2014 State DH Race 3 Finals

2014 State DH Race 3 Qualifying

2014 State DH Race 3 Top 30

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Roller Points Update


Round 2 roller points standings.


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Results for Roller Race 2 – Welli Mills

2014 Roller Race 2 Event Ranking

2014 Roller Race 2 Run 1 Ranking

2014 Roller Race 2 Run 2 Ranking

2014 Roller Race 2 Run 3 Ranking

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