Mt Clarence Downhill Track – Albany, WA
Saturday 5th of March to Sunday 6th of March.
Presented by the Albany Mountain Bike Club
Albany RD 1 2016
Great weekend of riding! Heaps of fun! Come along to race or just to spectate.
All participants and spectators are also required to park in designated car parks and not by the side of the road.  In some cases this will require participants to park at the bottom of the hill and bring their bike and race equipment up on foot.  The City of Albany has enforced parking rules on the Mounts before, fines may be incurred.
Saturday rego and practice
Late Rego will be open 11am – 3pm on Saturday. $20 late fee will be charged.
Practice: Track open 11.30am – 4pm Saturday (Depending on Marshals).
Sunday rego and race
Late rego will be open 8am-9am $20 late fee will be charged.
Practice will be open from 8am-10:30am
Racing 11am-3pm
Avoid disappointment & incurring a $20 late fee on track side rego by registering online early.
If you cannot do online rego please notify the Club prior so you do not incur the late fee.
Senior club members $80
Junior club members $60 (U13, U15 & U17) 
Proof of Licence needed – MTBA Card or please show your receipt if you have done it recently
MTBA/Day licences apply for non-members: $25
Online registration link
Online registration closes on: Thursday 3rd of March at midnight (WA time)
Volunteers will be required to make this round happen!
Bring a Volunteer and receive ½ price registration or cash refund for the event.
Please let us know if you are bringing a volunteer.
Conditions of entry.
If you do not have any of these items you will not be able to race (No grey area).
  • Australian Standards or equivalent Approved helmet (no two piece helmets)
  • Elbow guards (Any quality moto or MTB shop will carry these.) my suggestions are G-form, 661, POC, TLD, Fox, Alpinestars and the list goes on, these do come in hard or soft shell. No makeshift elbow guards will be accepted.
  • Long sleeve shirt, to the wrist
  • Gloves
  • Long pants or knee guards with shorts so your knees are covered.
  • Bar ends on your handle bars
Trail location can be found here.
 Contact Chris (Albany MTB Club President) directly if you have any questions!

2016 Calendar

calendar 2016 new

The 2016 PDMBC calendar is now available! The year will consist of a wide range of events, providing extreme fun for all riders.

Once again there will be two series:
-The WA State Downhill Series, which is the pinnacle of gravity racing in the state and an opportunity to see the states fastest riders in action. Series winners will be announced at the end of year dinner and presentations in Pemberton.
-The Club Gravity Series, which this year consists of one DH Race and one Roller. This year there will be no series prizes for the club races due to the limited number of events.

The year starts at Albany on the famous Mt Clarence Downhill, where you will be fighting for double points at the first round, hosted by Albany Mountain Bike Club.

In April, we met at the Goat Farm with a Skills and Development Day which is free to members and will give a preview of the track raced the next day as part of the Club Gravity DH. Aimed specifically at juniors, Women and beginners there will be coaches present to help you sort your skills before the season starts.

We then move through the series racing across the south west of the state. There is a focus on Welli Mills where new tracks will be built and ready to race.

The WA State Championships will once again be held at the Goat Farm and will be combined with the XC State Championships – this will ensure a great atmosphere and crowd!

The end of the year will once again be the Pemberton Roller which will also include the end of year dinner, presentations, hang overs, and as much one-upmanship as possible.

Race rules have not changed and the only change to categories is the inclusion of Sport Women. Full details are at http://pdmbc.com/race-rules

Note that MTBA has put up the day license fee to $25 as well

See you out there!

Welli Mills Update

Hi all,

Things have been moving along behind the scenes in relation to Welli Mills rehabilitation and getting the tracks up and running again. We expect to be able to announce a track day out there soon. At this track day there will be team leaders who will supervise groups of people working on sections of track to get everything back to adequate condition. Whilst we will be attempting to largely recreate existing tracks, we do have some approvals for exciting variations.

It is critically important that nobody builds anything out at Welli Mills unless it is expressly done through Peel – Peel has the approvals and must supervise the work. Any illegal track and feature building slows down the whole process.

Illegal tracks and features will be destroyed, and it will probably have to be destroyed by the club. This will take time away from us building legitimate tracks out there which is worse for everyone. So please dont do it.

If you know of anyone planning to or currently building anything please let them know as we dont want to spend days destroying stuff before we can start building again. Those individuals will be welcome at the official build days.


2015 Calendar

The 2015 Calendar is now live and dates are confirmed!
race callendar small 2015

We start the season with a Gravity Skills and Development day to get everyone ready for the upcoming season and allow beginners or new entrants to see what downhill and enduro racing is all about. There will be demo bikes and more at this event. The following day you can test what youve learnt for real at the first DH Club race of the series.

Once again we are running a Club race and a State Series. The Club races are designed to be simple and low cost and more suited to beginners. The State Series is the pinnacle of high performance gravity racing in Western Australia.

The event locations were challenging this year due to a combination of our favourite locations being logged all at once (Welli Mills, Nannup, Dwellingup) but we are confident that everyone will be stoked with the courses we have lined up. Once Welli Mills is thinned we will need to work hard to get the tracks rehabilitated prior to the races. Trail maintenance days will be advertised as soon as we can do it.

State Championships are once again at Goat Farm which cant be beaten in terms of spectator and supporter access as well as proximity to Perth.

And the season ends with the Roller Enduro race at Pemberton Mountain Bike Park – held over two days and incorporating the end of year dinner and presentations on the Saturday night.

We look forward to seeing you back out racing in 2015!

All information relating to the calendar, rules and categories can be found by clicking on the page links above.

Murray Valley concept plan process – Updated

Please see below a brief description of the new process to be undertaken at Murray Valley for the new trails.

Firstly it should be said that this is the first project to be done under the guidelines developed between WAMBA and DPaW, and it is something DPaW want for all trails built on their land. It is a rigorous process designed to ensure there are good outputs. And hopefully it doesn’t add too much cost or time….

Secondly I should also point out the WA MTB Strategy identifies difficult, gravity focused tracks as the first priority to be built in WA. DH is the pinnacle of that so I would expect more black tech trails to be built in the near future than flow trails. In contrast to this obviously DPaW and other land owners are very interested in recreational facilities as these cater for all users – from kids and families and absolue beginners to elite athletes.

Murray Valley mountain bike trails are part of a plan to develop a significant facility for recreational users of the area. In addition trails will be incorporated that will cater to the more experienced riders who are travelling just to ride. The current scope has 3-5 downhill tracks as well as a green climb to the top of the DH tracks and 10-15km of cross country trails. As this is Murray Valley most of the DH trails will be blue – green adn black are also included in the scope. All the detailed information is available below in the tender post.

The guidelines have seven steps, the first four are largely desktop based so I wont discuss them here. Each step is treated separately. Following this there is:

Concept plan – rough areas are identified for the tracks and associated infrastructure. This allows DPaW and other land managers to then ensure there’s no issues with building in that area. They don’t have to look at a massive area, only that of interest. Stakeholders will be consulted during this process – including local government, land owners, local business and selected local riders. Due to timeframes the group will not be large but will consider all varying interest groups. When this is complete its advertised.

Detailed design – This is where the actual track is designed, what berms goes where, what jumps goes here. Where exactly the track starts and finishes. The tracks will be within the area outlined in the concept. Itll be a map. If things go well Murray Valley will be at this stage mid next year. Consultation will be complete prior to this process.

Construction – Where the actual thing gets built finally! The idea is the builder will be following the design and putting the track in. There will have to be some flexibility regarding changes as they come up but we don’t know how that will be structured.

Each step is treated entirely separately with a tender for each stage so potentially there could be three organisations doing each stage.

Time is key so as usual feedback through clubs/ WAMBA/ collectives etc is a good idea as its faster and easier than dealing with thousands of individuals. So Id encourage anyone to get involved. The best time for this is now, prior to the Concept Plan being completed and before detailed design.

Historically most tracks have been built with something like a concept plan, then going straight to construction and working it out. Whilst I don’t think this is a bad way to go at all, this is a new approach that is being trialled and the hope is definitely that it will result in a better outcome. At the end of the day we will probably only know in a couple of years but I’m willing to give it all my effort.

DPaW have been great to deal with so far on this and are really keen to get a great facility going at Murray Valley. WAMBA and Westcycle have driven this from the start so its largely thanks to them this is even happening.

From here I envisage Toms Crossing to happen shortly after Murray Valley and this is where we should expect to see a higher concentration of advanced tracks in alignment with the direction of the WA MTB Strategy. At the same time the SW MP will be working to expand trails in the region south of Perth.

All the while, PDMBC is working hard to maintain and expand track networks at Welli Mills and Nannup – more on those to come.

Lastly, I know I interchange the words track and trail – forgive me!

Anyway sorry for the novel, hit me up with any questions.

Cheers Sam

PDMBC Vice Pres