11 thoughts on “Race Calendar

  1. Hey can you fill out the TBA dates as the April race is near a long weekend and would be good to be able to source accommodation. Easter my friends folks missed out on accommodation (bad planning) so please advise ASAP.

    Ta Jon

  2. Hi Vilma, do you mean a time for each event? As we run two series and differeing days for state events times may change so we normally advertise times along with the event advertisement. Generally saturdays start at 11 and sunday practise at 8 and racing at 11 but you really need to check each event to be sure. Let us know if you were after something more specific.

  3. Thanks Committee. It is a bit of a haul to and from city so I’ll think we camp. What are your recommendations. We have a tent.

  4. Hey can anyone help me with the MTBA entry portal for Golden Grove, says online is now closed?. Is that normal to close so early out from event? Checked against the Pemberton Club round and that’s closed too. Any chance can get entries in a week out without paying additional on the day? Cheers Rob

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